Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media


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SafeKidsPro is a cloud based product, so there is no need to download software.  It is device agnostic, i.e. it will monitor your child’s social media activity no matter what device they access it from, and it will allow you to monitor a combination of up to 8 Facebook and/or Twitter accounts at one time.

SafeKidsPro can protect your child or children from potentially being compromised or being a victims of:

  • cyberbullying
  • online-privacy
  • predators
  • reputation damage

It will send you an alert you if your child;

  • interacts with strangers
  • gives out personal and/or private information, defined by you e.g. your address, their mobile phone number, email school name and/or location
  • shares their location on social media i.e. if they ‘check in’
  • posting or receiving photos
  • joins or creates a Facebook group, you will also be able to see who the other member of the group are
  • sends or receives messages containing profanity, obscene and/or offensive content

SafeKidsPro is an essential tool for protecting our children in the ‘virtual playground’ however, there are no 100% effective solutions and there is no substitution for:

  • open communication and trust
  • engaging your children in their world
  • vigilant parenting


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The idea of creating a solution, SafeKidsPro, that could monitor social media activity came about after a discussion about a younger relative’s potentially compromising behaviour on Facebook.  We considered the rapid rise of social media and the lack of rules and social  standards surrounding online engagement, along with the pitfalls and dangers that exist with talking to someone you may or may not know through a computer screen.  We also considered that that with the broad range of mobile devices [smart phones, tablets, notepads, etc.] that kids are very comfortable with the adoption and use of technology, sometimes dive into using such devices to communicate with others online, with out thinking through or accepting some of the consequences of their actions. With more and more people now use to accessing an ever increasing range of social media sites anytime, anywhere; called for a solution that addressed both issues by providing alerts to the parents of suspect behaviours and the ability to monitor and help their kids in dealing with the issues that they encounter on Social Media. Currently is it believed that the total global user base of Twitter is ~1 billion and Facebook ~1.23 billion.


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